The Genesis Fund

The Exponential  “Genesis” Fund is Mauritius Regulated Closed End, Private Equity Fund, Investing in a

  • Wide Spectrum of Global Start Up,
  • Early Stage &
  • Growth Companies.

The Fund intends to achieve its objective by following a trading strategy based on (but not limited to)

  • Seed Financing and Mentoring of Global Start Up Companies,
  • Investment in Early Stage and Growth Companies, additional
  • Private Equity & later stage Venture Capital Investments,
  • Including Pre-IPO and IPO Investments.

With an exit strategy via a Private sale or Listing of these companies.

Investor Profile – Warning
The Fund is best suited for

  • Sophisticated and
  • High Net Worth Individual and
  • Institutional Investors who are willing to tolerate a high level of risk of their capital, with a view of substantially increasing the value of their investment.
  • With a long-term Investment horizon of up to 10 years

Targeted Returns

The Fund offers the opportunity to invest in a globally diversified portfolio of Start up Private Equity Company opportunities and related investments.
The risk reward ratios of such an investment are extremely high.